Wednesday, March 30, 2016

April / May Schedule

Hello Everyone,

Below you will find the schedule for April and May ... I'm going to make a valid effort at trying to go to places that allow for longer runs for those people who would like to go longer than 6 ish miles. I know there are some people thinking about or signed up for various races and I would like to try and accommodate those runners. I think some of the races that have been mentioned are ... A Trail Race in Moab, The Colorado Marathon, Bolder Boulder, The Slacker 1/2 Marathon, the race in July in California. If I missed some races please let me know. I know races are always more fun when you have a friend... I have figured out a pretty solid long run schedule for anyone who would like to run The Slacker 1/2, so I will post the mileage on the dates below ... again just guidelines and nothing that needs to be followed...

I'm still brainstorming ideas to do track workouts (not that the weather has been cooperating) so I will those when I figure it all out.

Also, I will be moving up the start time to 7:30 am each week and eventually earlier as we get into summer...

Sunday April 3rd -- 8 miles -- I believe all the trails may still be muddy ... but we could park at the Arvada Dog park and see if the Fairmont Trail is clear. If not, we can always run around the Arvada Res... Lets meet at 7:30 AM...

Sunday April 10th -- 7 miles -- I will be running the Frank Shorter 5K with a bunch of kids ... anyone who would like to join me is highly encouraged. Otherwise I will let you guys set your own meeting place.

Sunday April 17th -- 9 miles -- I really miss Elk Meadow, so weather pending we will run this loop, maybe twice ... so we will meet at the old Starbucks parking lot at 64th and Ward at 7:00 am and carpool to the Elk Meadow Parking lot.

Sunday April 24th -- 7 miles -- I'm traveling for work this weekend ... So again I'm going to let everyone pick a meeting spot...

Sunday May 1st -- 10 miles -- We will be running Lookout Mountain, meeting at the old Starbucks parking lot at 7 to carpool to Ang's house. This may be the slowest 10 miles ever ;).

Sunday May 8th -- 11 miles -- This would be fun to do the Cherry Creek Trail ... We can park by REI again and run either the Cherry Creek trail or the Platte River Trail ... we will carpool from the old Starbucks at 64th and Ward meeting at 7 AM.

Sunday May 15th -- 8 miles -- We will run the Clear Creek Trail this week, this is mothers day so whatever is comfortable ... we will meet at Anderson Park at 44th and field at 7:30 AM.

Sunday May 22nd -- 12 miles -- And another trail that goes forever ... the Ralston Creek Trail. We will meet at the Arvada Tennis courts at 7:30 AM. I may ask for 2 aide stations along the way, but will confirm when we get closer.

Sunday May 29th -- 7 miles -- This is the day before the Bolder Boulder. So maybe a short run? Depending on the weather we could do a few miles at Matthew Winters or Red Rocks ... will confirm when we get closer.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February / March Schedule

Hi Ladies,

I hope things are well with everyone ... I have posted our scholarship on our website and had it posted on the Naviance website for the high school counselors. This year we have raised $500 to give away. If anyone knows someone, please encourage them to apply.

In the meantime if anyone has any fundraising ideas please let me know.

Here is the upcoming schedule ...

Saturday February 13th --- Some people are running the Heart Throb 5K, 10 am in Olde Town ...

Sunday February 14th -- Meet at 8 am at the dog park at 64th and just west of Virgil Way ... Since the weather has become a bit nicer we are planning to run the Fairmont Trail. Nancy has volunteered to locate the aide station.

Sunday February 21st -- Meet at 7:30 am at the old Starbucks parking lot at 64th and Ward and we will carpool to Angela's house to run around Lookout Mountain.

Sunday February 28th -- Meet at 8 am at the Arvada Tennis Courts at 64th and Miller, we will run the Ralston Creek Trail.

Sunday March 6th -- I don't know if I will be at this run, however we will meet at 8:00 am at the Dog Park at 64th and Just west of Virgil Way and we will run around the res... We can add on, with the Ralston Creek Trail or around Tucker Lake.

Sunday March 13th -- Again I'm not sure I'll be at this run, but we will meet at 8:00 am at Anderson Park at 44th and Field in the far south parking lot and we will run the Clear Creek Trail.

Sunday March 20th -- Some people are headed to San Diego to Run the Hot Chocolate Race there, however for those staying here we will meet at Goddard School at 87th and Indiana and run Candelas, we haven't challenged ourselves with that lovely hill in awhile. It will be good training, or torture...

Sunday March 27th -- Meet at 7:30 am at the old Starbucks parking lot at 64th and Ward and we will carpool and run the Cherry Creek or Platte River Trail. More details to follow, please watch the
Facebook page.

Here is to hoping for warmer runs...