Wednesday, August 28, 2013

September Schedule

Happy Almost Fall Ladies,


I’m so happy that we had a successful Georgetown to Idaho Springs race for many of you. It was so nice to see some of our old friends back to run with us. Evergreen was a great race for many runners also!

Our schedule in September is a little bit different because we have some people training for a full marathon and I’m trying to accommodate the long distances.

For those of us that join in the book club, the book has been picked…The Ledge by Jim Davidson and Kevin Vaughan. The meeting will be on November 7th at Kim’s house…More details will follow.  

For those of us not choosing to run a ½ marathon or full marathon in the fall the idea has been thrown out there to be a volunteer at the Rock-n-Roll Race where we have many runners racing. I didn’t want to contact Rock-n-Roll and then be the only one show up so I would like to get a head count of who would be able to commit. Please let me know.

I also want to mention, we have some first time marathoners and first time ½ marathoners training with us this session. We have all been there with our first long distance races, so any help (weather running with someone new ideas for race day or encouraging words) are always welcome.  It would be great if we could come together as a group to help some of our newer members.

Also, when you get a minute if you could email me your race schedule for the fall, I would appreciate it. I might join you J.

September Schedule

September 1st – 6:30 am – meet at Goddard School (87th and Indiana) to run Candelas (with some mileage tacked on). ½ marathoners are at 9 this week and full marathoners are at 14. Michelle will do the aide station at the top of Candelas. I would also like a volunteer for the nursery aide station. Please email me if you can do this.

Tuesday September 3 – 6:00 pm – meet at Oberon Middle School for another fun filled track session.

Sunday September 8th – 6:30 am – meet at the Tennis Court Park at 64th and Miller and we will run the Ralston Creek trail going west and then back. I will again need two volunteers for aide stations please. A map will be posted to show where the aide stations should be placed. ½ marathoners have 10 and marathoners have 16 miles.

Tuesday September 10th – 6:00 pm – meet at Oberon Middle School for a track session

Sunday September 15th – 6:30 am – meet at Coalton trail head on McCaslin and Coalton Round-a-bout. ½ Marathoners have 11 miles and full marathoners have 14 miles. The whole Coalton loop is 15 miles so if the full marathoners would like to extend a little you have that option. Otherwise we will do an out and back and I would like to have 2 people do aide stations please. Again we will post a map to show where we would like the aide stations.

Sunday September 15th – 9:00 am – the Farmers 5000 is also this day so you have the option of this run if you would like. Contact me if you would like a registration form. I am currently planning on running this race so I may need a volunteer to lead the session at Coalton. 

Tuesday September 17th – 6:00 pm – meet at Oberon Middle School for a fabulous session.

Sunday September 22nd – 6:30 am (marathoners) 7:00 am (1/2 marathoners) – Meet at the parking lot at 100th and east of Simms on the south side.  We will run the big dry creek trail. ½ marathoners have 12 miles and full marathoners have 18 miles.  We have the option of running around Standley Lake and then adding on by going out on the Dry Creek trail. Or we can just run out and back on the Big Dry Creek Trail. Maps will be posted the week before the run and we will decide where to put aide stations. I will need volunteers for the aide stations.

Tuesday September 24th – Meet at Oberon Middle School for another track session.

Sunday September 29th – I’m actually going to take a poll on this run. The marathoners have 20 miles and ½ marathoners have 8. I would love to do something like Matthew Winters for the ½ marathoners but to get 20 miles by Red Rocks sounds really difficult…So I’ll take suggestions…email them to me and by the 22nd I’ll announce where we are running. Also, we could set up where the marathoners run 2 10 mile loops somewhere and set up shifts to run the first ½ and second ½… I’m throwing out ideas. I look forward to hearing suggestions.