Friday, December 28, 2012

January Schedule

Happy New Year ladies of Arvada Running Club.  A round of applause to all our racers in 2012.  To those who braved sleet, snow, and ice with the spring races; to those that ran through near scorching temperatures of heat exhaustion and delusional stamina with the summer races; to those that lost toe nails and suffered nausea on downhill races in the fall, and to those that ran through torrential rain storms and visible loss of limbs to freezing temperatures with early morning races during the winter. 

Then there were those that trained silently at home, always following our website and posts, but never faltering on their running days.  Many of us ran races for a cause; for friends who lost their lives to cancer or other terminal ailments, for survivors whom we know or are, and for charities close to our hearts.  Many of us were making comebacks from injuries suffered along the way, there were those celebrating achievements from kicking a bad vice or habit, yet so many of us ran because we enjoy hitting the pavement as it makes us complete.  We enjoy the exhilaration of competition, the motivation we derive from being part of a band of women who “get one another”, but better yet, we enjoy representing the fine group of women known as the women runners of the Arvada Running Club. 

These are all true testaments and statements of character to what a woman runner is and we are privileged to know all of you. Here’s to a good year in 2013 ladies, and we hope we all find resolution to our goals.  We hope to see you back again for the winter session.  To the ladies who we haven’t seen in a while, please join us, we wish you were back with us.

In addition to some winter racing, let’s count on some distance runs this month in and around Arvada.  As always, we rely on aide station volunteers and running leaders.

January 1 - If you feel you may not be too groggy after your New Years Eve celebration, join us for the 5K 3W Arvada Resolution Run.  We had a great turnout last year; let’s try for a great showing again this year.

January 6 – This morning marks the beginning of our winter session.  We’ll meet at Goddard School at 8:00 am.  We’ll run Candelas, so an aide station volunteer is needed at the top of the hill.

January 12 – Quicker Quaker 5K run in Lafayette.  A tasty bowl of Quaker oatmeal with all the fixings awaits you after the run. This is also the beginning of the Colorado Runner race series if anyone would like to enter this year.

January 13 – We will meet at the dog park at 8:00 am. If the trail is open (free of snow) we will run the Fairmont Trail, if there is snow, we will run the reservoir.  Please bring your own liquids for this run. 

January 19 – Frosty’s Frozen 5 miler or 10 miler.  Wendy and Cindy are being honored as Colorado Runners of 2012.  Let’s get a huge showing of support that morning for these two ladies.  More information to follow.

January 20 – Polar Bear 5k in Wash Park.  Always a favorite run for those who do not mind driving to Wash Park. We will have the rest of the group meet at Goddard School at 8:00 am.  We’ll have two options; a 9 mile run around Standley Lake so we’ll need an aide station volunteer, or we will have a modified run of a 4-5 miler in the neighborhood (with or without the big hill, your choice).

January 27 – The Yeti Chase 5K and 10K in Lakewood, CO is one option. The other option is to run the Ralston Creek Trail.  We will meet behind the Apex at 8 am where the sidewalk begins to the trail, please run with a buddy or with a group when running this trail.  You mandate your own distance, so you will need to carry your own liquids.  After this run we will have the book club ‘meeting’ at Wendy’s house (12562 W. 75th Place). The book is called “Into Thin Air” by Jon Krakauer.  Please bring a snack to share. We will have a sign up on Facebook for RSVP’s when the date gets closer.  If you will be running the Yeti Chase that morning and would still like to be able to make it to the book club meeting, let us know on the Facebook site and we’ll adjust the meeting time to later in the day to accommodate everyone.

It’s never too late to plan for our Arvada’s own ½ marathon.  February 10 – Arvada’s Ralston Creek ½ marathon and new this year is the 5k. If you would like a training plan for the last few weeks before this half marathon, please let Trisha know,