Friday, December 18, 2015

December / January Schedule

So so sorry for the late post ...

I have some days coming up that I will be out of town, so I will need someone to volunteer to lead for me. I appreciate all  of the help everyone always gives.

Also, Thank you Nancy for hosting the holiday gathering... We had a great time!

Sunday December 20th -- We will meet at the old Starbucks parking lot at 64th and Ward at 7:30 am to carpool up to Angela's house. We will be running, the temps are getting to warm and not enough to snow shoe.

Sunday December 27th -- We will meet at the Dog Park at 8:00 am at 64th and just west of Virgil Way. We will decide if we run around the lake or if we run Fairmont, depending on the weather.

Friday January 1st -- There have been lots of mentions that people are running this 5K in Arvada at Memorial Park ... 3W puts on this race, and it always has been a fun one.

Sunday January 3rd -- This is one of the days I'll be out of town. Seems that the Clear Creek trail works well, so meet at Anderson Park at 8:00 am... Volunteers for the aide station and leading, please let me know.

Sunday January 10th -- It has been requested to run the Cherry Creek trail, I believe we will carpool down to the parking lot between REI and the Aquarium ... Mary will be helping me coordinate this run.

Sunday January 17th -- We will meet at the Arvada Tennis courts (64th and Miller) at 8:00 am to run the Ralston Creek Trail. Volunteers for the aide station?

Sunday January 24th -- We will meet at the dog park on 64th at 8:00 am and run around the reservoir... Please let me know if you can do the aide station 

Sunday January 31st -- Right now it is undecided if I will be able to make it to this run, so I may need a volunteer ... Either way, we will meet at Anderson Park at 8:00 and run the Clear Creek trail ...

Sunday February 7th -- I'm thinking we can go run around Sloan's lake (maybe twice) ... so we can carpool from the old Starbucks at 64th and Ward ... let me know thoughts on this... We could maybe do a breakfast afterwards?